April 2009

Why should I care about aging

by Jack Stuart on April 27, 2009

Why Should I Care About Ageworthiness?
These days most winedrinkers drink their wines shortly after purchase. What difference does it make whether a wine will age well or not? Laying wines down is what old English guys did a hundred years ago, right? So twentieth century.
Those of us who study wine do so because of its limitless variety and complexity, which is what makes it more interesting than spirits. Well-made wines from good sites fascinate and beguile us with their indescribable aromas, flavors and textures. But many people forget that the best wines change for the better as they age: they become more aromatic, complex and interesting.
Think of wines as you do lifelong friends. When you first meet, something appeals to you immediately. As you get to know them and they mature, they become more interesting and attractive. The relationship deepens. They may go through difficult stages—a serious illness, a divorce—but you stick with them and they recover, better people for what they’ve been through. You remember why you liked them in the first place, but you’re really glad you know them now.
Same with wine. If you buy a sixpack of Trivium, you should like the last bottle better than the first.
–Jack Stuart, Partner & Winemaker